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There is considerable demand for the “right homes in the right places”, a key government objective following severely reduced house building in the UK during 2008-9 and the following years. DH Land helps bring new sites forward for residential development.

The core service of DH Land is as a land promotion company. A land promotion agreement means that our company will:

  • Apply for planning permission for residential development on a landowner’s property (or that owned by a group of landowners) entirely at our own cost
  • Market the property for sale on the open market once planning permission has been obtained to get the most possible value for the land through a competitive bids process by housebuilders

The planning process involves a number of steps. Following an initial site appraisal to evaluate the potential for development, we will seek to engage at an early stage with Local Authorities to further assess each site. The planning application process itself involves site surveys and the preparation of technical reports and plans by a team of professionals, which may include some or all of the following:

Flood Risk Assessment and Drainage Strategy, Ecological Surveys, Travel Plan and Transport Assessment, Site Masterplan, Design and Access Statement, Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment, Geo-environmental Study

The planning application is normally an outline application. If at first unsuccessful, we will pursue an appeal if necessary. Once planning permission is achieved, the site will be placed on the open market. There remains a significant demand amongst housebuilders for “shovel-ready” sites where the uncertainty and often time-consuming process of obtaining planning consent has already been addressed and building can begin sooner. The successful bidder may submit either an unconditional offer or a conditional one, based on the granting of further detailed planning permission relating to the specifics of site design (Reserved Matters).

Advantages to partnering with DH Land

The main advantages of teaming up with a land promotion company to assist with gaining planning permission are:

No win, no fee

DH Land funds the significant cost of the process including the initial research into the land’s potential, the planning application, specialist consultancy, the planning fee and an appeal if necessary. This therefore means no risked investment for the landowner.

Expertise and experience

We have a team of specialists with whom we work on a regular basis, following the most up-to-date Local Authority and Government policies, working directly with Local Authority officers where possible and being creative and persistent in pursuing a successful outcome for sustainable residential development, seeking also to create lasting community benefits. We have built a successful track record following these methods.

Maximising Land Value

As we are ultimately remunerated by a percentage of the value of the land with planning permission, we seek to maximise that value once consent is achieved. A land promotion agreement means that planning permission is sought as soon as possible, with our interests entirely aligned with our clients in pursuing a successful outcome. Landowners can choose to be as closely involved as they would like during the entire process, with their consent necessary at each stage of the process.


Detailed below are the projects we have worked on to date- completed when sold to a house builder, and current projects that are in the planning process at present.

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  • Completed Projects
  • Current Projects