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David Holmes Properties Ltd has been active for over 30 years; building new houses, developing property and promoting strategic housing land on behalf of farmers and landowners in the North Yorkshire area. Over that time and with a background in farming, the company has gained a strong reputation for honesty and integrity, a common sense approach and for building high quality, desirable homes.

This experience led to the creation of a new business involved not in building houses but in working with landowners to secure planning permission on land to sell “shovel-ready.” Since 2013 we have been helping landowners gain planning permission on larger sites, for sale to mid- to large- sized housebuilding companies, and have since built a successful track record in this area.

DH Land Ltd was created as an independent company in 2017.


DH Land is managed by James Holmes.

James has been working on obtaining planning permission on sites for residential development since 2013.

After graduating from Oxford University in 2001, James spent the earlier part of his career working in the financial services/investment sector (for Citigroup in London and for private equity investment company VenCap International PLC) as well as for internet companies in France and the UK.

James Holmes


Detailed below are the projects we have worked on to date- completed when sold to a house builder, and current projects that are in the planning process at present.

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