DH Land | Pannal, North Yorkshire
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Pannal, North Yorkshire

Project Start Date:


This site was promoted through Harrogate’s recent Local Plan process (adopted March 2020) and had been an allocation in the publication version of the Plan (Site PN17 Land adjoining Spring Lane Farm Pannal). The Inspector recommended that a number of allocations were removed from the Plan, of which this was one, after the required housing supply number was found to be lower than initially projected.

An outline planning application was submitted on this 7.1 acre site in 2018 for 48 dwellings, which was refused in March 2020.

Community benefits planned with this development included 19 affordable homes, a new car park for the benefit of the Methodist Church and Nursery, highway and junction improvements, including the provision of a new footpath where none exists currently along the adjoining highway. The proposal was also to provide 29 self and custom build plots to help meet the high demand for these types of plots in the local area.

A planning appeal for this application was dismissed in February 2021. The Inspector agreed there is a shortage of self and custom build plots in the district and that this would be a substantial public benefit, that the public benefits outweigh the harm on the Conservation area but concluded that the harm on the local landscape character was not outweighed by the overall benefits of this proposal.